About Us

An improved lifestyle is the philosophy that guides all activities at Executive Gas. In an industry where your success is determined by the perfect balance between speed and safety, Executive Gas can improve your lifestyle in a dynamic and safe fashion. This is made possible by the company’s experience and commitment to safety and thorough planning before implementation. Through preparing for and safely planning every sale and installation, Executive Gas ensures that relationships are built on well planned foundations.


Our business regards human safety and the safety of your belongings with the utmost importance. There are no shortcuts when it comes to guaranteeing the safety and efficacy of our products and services. Our service is delivered through an honest and experienced team of employees, who never lose sight of the fact that you will be using your installation and purchase every day and thus your safety will be paramount, every day. With more than sixteen years of involvement in gas and lifestyle sales and installations, founders Meredith and Rika Snydert have led their team with distinction. Executive Gas, based in Bloemfontein, are licensed as a domestic, commercial and industrial gas installation entity. Executive Gas is a registered member of LPGSA and abides by strict SHE regulations. The company prides itself on its inclusive and diverse organisational culture. Having a representative workforce provides a richness that benefits not only the company’s primary activities but also its contribution towards society.


Due to the nature of the gas sales and installations sector, attention to detail and adherence to strict principles are not negotiable. Executive Gas manages to balance this commitment to reliability and safety with a flexible attitude that allows the company to adapt to the challenges posed by each individual client. Executive Gas’ team boasts unrivalled experience and skill, which allow team members the confidence to make decisions that will benefit the client.


Our Social Responsibility


Executive Gas is committed to building a socially stable and economically profitable South Africa. The company believes that raising the quality of life in all sections of society starts with the individual. To this end, Executive Gas is committed to a progressive staff recruitment policy with a strong focus on training and equipping staff members. This contributes to the high level of service that the company provides to its clients. In addition, it allows staff members to be active and productive members of their own communities which in turn strengthens these communities.